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Kings of the Eotheod
Rhovanian and the Chieftains

The Kings of the Riddermark are descended in long line from Vidugavia, King of Rhovanian, who claimed rule of the lands between the eastern eaves of Greenwood the Great and the River Running. (TA b. 1210/d. ?)

Marhari (TA b. 1770/d. 1856) Killed at the Battle of the Plains.

Marhwini (TA b. 1812/d. ?) Fought with Calimehtar against the Wainriders in TA 1899 but was unable to reclaim the lands of Rhovanian for his people and returned to the lands on the western shore of Anduin between where the River Gladden runs into the Great River and north to the Carrock.

Forthwini (TA b. ?/d. ?) Gave warning to Ondoher of Gondor about the Wainriders gathering strength and either Forthwini himself or his son* took an éothéod in support of the King. It was with these men that, Faramir,the third son of the King--had disobeyed his father's orders to remain in Mundburg by disguising himself and riding with the éothéod. He died when a portion of the éothéod tried to retreat into the Dead Marshes.

*Marh.. Son of Forthwini, his name has been lost to us.

Frumgar (TA b. 1940/d. 2001)Grandson of Forthwini, Frumgar was born in the Vales of Anduin. In TA 1975, word was brought of the defeat of Angmar in the north. Two things did Frumgar see: the need of our people and herds for more room to increase and the lengthening shadow of evil from Dol Guldur. Therefore, in TA 1977, Frumgar lead the Éothéod north to the lands between the Langwell and Greylin. We drove from there the last of those who gave their loyalty to Angmar and claimed the land as our own.

Fram (b. 1967/d. ?) Gave his name to the only walled city established by the Éothéod in the north: Framsburg. He slew the great worm: Scatha and took the Dragon's hoard. Dwarves then laid claim to it but Fram dismissed their claim and instead gave to them a necklace made of Scatha's teeth with the words: "Jewels such as these you will not match in your treasuries, for they are hard to come by." The Dwarves took great insult at this and it is said that Fram was killed by them but none have been able to either prove or disprove this. But is it true that from that time until that of Éomer Éadig that there was no love lost between the Éothéod and the Dwarf kin.

Léod (TA b. 2459/d. 2051 ) Son of Fram (probably the second of that name), he was a great tamer of horses who captured a wild foal of the lineage brought to Middle Earth by Bema. But when the foal was old enough to ride and Leod attempted to do so, he was thrown and died of his injuries.

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